Expert Praise for this Book

“This book provides a critical road map to the development of our country’s most important resources and the next generation of leaders—our children. Additionally, adults who are mapping out their path to success will benefit from the thought-provoking action steps that Mark provides.”

 – Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Co-author, Success Simplified with Stephen Covey

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights Policy, U.S. Department of Education

“A great big THANK YOU to Mark Papadas for taking time to remind all of us the power that kids have within them.”

– Dr. Bill Truesdale, Ed. D.

Public Elementary School Principal

N.A.S.S.P. Break-Through School

“Having a strong identity and sense of self is extremely important for children growing up in today’s world. Mark Papadas offers a practical guide for parents wishing to help children develop an identity that will allow them to cope with life’s challenges. In an understandable step-by-step format, mark provides guidance on how to establish personal goals and enjoy a sense of accomplishment and success. 10 SECRETS TO EMPOWER KIDS & AWAKEN THE CHILD IN YOU is a must read for every parent.” 

 – Dr. Craig Gaska, Ed. D.

Adjunct Professor, Aurora University

“Whether a child is 10 years old, or 20 or 40, it is always the right time to give them the gift of empowerment.”

 – Mrs. Rona Simmons

Public Elementary School Principal

“As a parenting coach, a teacher trainer, an educator, mother of four and grandmother of seven, I sincerely appreciate what Mark Papadas has done – and is doing for our youth and our world.  His program empowers kids to transform their lives and create the world of their dreams.  Which of us could NOT benefit from the ability to better understand our uniqueness, our identity, and our intrinsic value?  This book is a brilliant help for anyone who wants help preparing his/her child for the real world and a brighter tomorrow.”

– Christie Clarke

Educator, Trainer of Classroom Teachers, Parenting Coach,

President, Out-A-Box Parenting Group

“I love this book! Mark Papadas empowers kids and adults alike. He shares simple, life-changing techniques and thought processes that will transform your own life while you’re teaching wonderful lessons to your children. This book is full of “Aha” moments. Thank you, Mark!”

– Barbara Niven

Actress, Speaker, Author, Hollywood’s Top Media Coach


“I recommend I AM 4 Kids to every educational organization that is committed to developing strong minds, characters and bodies.”

– Randy Lawrence

Former Public School Board Vice-President, Curriculum Committee Chair

“Whether a child is 10 years old, or 20 or 40, it is always the right time to give them the gift of empowerment.”

 – Mrs. Rona Simmons

Public Elementary School Principal

 “I have been a social worker for 15 years. I am also a mother of three (ages 10, 9, & 6). I AM 4 Kids is unique in that it reaches children at a crucial, developmental time in their lives. This system builds a child’s sense of self worth while his/her identity is in such a critical, formative stage.  I can’t wait to start using it with my students in my district & my children at home.”

– Tracy M. Walsh, MSW, LSW

Public School Social Worker

 “As a psychologist with over 35 years of experience doing therapy, and as a father of two grown children, I can honestly say that I wish my children had the benefit of I AM 4 Kids when they were in grade school. I highly recommend this book.”

– Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  “Mark Papadas provides an amazing vehicle for kids to look at their life, mapping out a mission, and allowing them the creativity and freedom to move forward.”

– Chuck Schultz

Personal Development Expert

 “Mark Papadas is an inspiration! His mission is infectious, and he is leaving a legacy of extraordinary value to the world.”

– Sarah Victory

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Media Personality

President, The Victory Company, Inc.


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